Project Giveback.

Being a small business located right on the QLD/NSW border - Project Giveback began as a small idea to give back to those struggling within our community. The intention was to give one of our platter boxes to one person per week, who was dealing with hardships due to border closures. We wanted to thank the community who have supported us over the past 5 years & give back something small.

This little idea, soon turned into a rather large movement, as we were flooded with hundreds of heartbreaking messages from people on the QLD/NSW border. Stories flooded our inbox of families being separated unable to see their children, business owners living in their cars to keep their shop fronts open & some unable to cross a street 5 minutes up the road to see family members on the last days of their lives.

Overwhelmed with the response, we reached out to non for profit organisation One Thing Project, who kindly offered funding for us to begin offering multiple boxes. We teamed up with Uncle George’s Coffeshop - another local border business, who offered a free coffee with every platter box.

In partnership with One Thing Project & Uncle George’s Coffeeshop, we were able to deliver 30 boxes in total to so many deserving people within our border community. We were greeted with so, so many tears.

Who knew a little box of food could bring so much joy?

We don’t want project giveback to end - we know everyday there are people in our community dealing with hardships. To greet someone at their doorstep with a smile, some food & a free coffee voucher is a feeling that cannot be described. To know one small act of kindness has completely made someone’s day, is a movement we want to continue forever.

If you would like to donate to continuing Project Giveback you can do so by clicking on the image below. Every fortnight we will be gifting boxes of love to those deserving. If you would like to nominate someone for this, you can do so by visiting our social media pages. It is with thanks to your generosity - project giveback can continue.

Kindness is contagious - and we can’t wait to spread it everywhere.

Click the logo to giveback with us:

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